Coconut Slices & Dices

Coconut Slices & Dices

Our delicious Thai Coconut Slices & Dices make a lovely treat or are perfect for cooking. Coconut is rich in maganese which helps make and activate some of the enzymes in the body. It also contains copper, phosphurus and vitamin B6.

Fact: In Thailand and Malaysia trained pig-tailed macaques are sometimes used to harvest coconuts. Training schools for pig-tailed macaques still exist in both countries. Competitions are held each year to find the fastest harvester.

Ingredients: Coconut, sugar, sulphur dioxide.


Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy: 2089KJ/500Kcal

Protein: 2.8g

Carbohydrates: 53.2g

   of which Sugars: 53.2g

Fat: 31g

   of which Saturated Fat: 26.5g

Fibre: 7g

Sodium: 17.5mg

Please note that from time to time we alter our recipes slightly and so the nutritional information may vary.

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